Editor’s Letter

POLITICALLY the world is in ever greater fragmentation, but I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen, and as I write, the world is in celebration mode. On one end, it is the arrival of a new prince. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a son on Monday, April 23. The new born received the title of Prince of Cambridge, named as Prince Louis and on the other end, it is remembering the life of the great pop music icon, Prince Rogers Nelson. A tribute fence will be installed at Prince’s famed music studio and home in Minnesota as officials prepare for fans returning on the second anniversary of the rock star’s death.

On that happy note, I would like to welcome all to T’OFFICIEL. It is a digital portal comprising of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, shop, pr and spotlight. Spotlight, is particularly been created to nurture the new, raw and upcoming talent and, is open to all globally. It is an idea to unify all creative talents at one platform. I always wanted to provide that platform to every artist who has been denied access and opportunities.

In recent years, fashion has been one of the industries that have set its sights on the bigger, international picture, and it is now a truly global business that should not have to shift into reverse and become focused on only the home market.

At a very simple level, the creative talents who work in the fashion houses – and also those who create the imagery that does so much to propel the desirability of fashion – are usually a mongrel team, recruited from any number of countries. It has long been thought that fashion can only benefit from the rich mix that different nationalities bring to the table. We feature a great mix of some exciting fashion from all across the globe.
Two people who have done a good deal to support new talent are Peter Robinson and Ruth. I hope you also enjoy a special editorial feature by Tayyab Bombal all the way from Karachi. This would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all the contributing writers and editors.

And finally, in this issue, we celebrate two strong, empowering and iconic females, Madonna and Meera, who are so important in the role they play in female empowerment. Girl power is key. The diversity of this contribution was enormous and reflected in both these women, whose talent and interests were broad and extended well beyond the known areas of fashion and fame.

Tee Jay Sayyid
Editor in Chief